We will crowdfund our SpaceGun.

PRESENTLY......SENDING 1 Kilogram INTO LEO Costs ~$10,000
a typical person is about 65-90 Kilos

Lowering this to just 1/10th the cost would guarantee Billions in business, annually...but since we dont want to be dependent on others...we will be applying every tenth dollar for R&D to create a FULL GRAVITY LEO HOTEL for 2,500 (which will self-assemble) ....and partner with a dedicated space-passenger-capable technology company such as SpaceX, which can deliver (and safely recover) the Hotel guests....at a reasonably low cost.

From our inital LEO Hotel we will expand to appealing attractions such as The Milkyway Racetrack and Point of Loop Mountain Resort.

As technology from Phase Four becomes more sophisticated we will also create a LEO food production company for people who want to consume Food From Space.

As our abilities grow we will move into the LEO and NEO self-construction business, via ANYbuild....providing, among other creations, NEO Homes under our Sharin Project, for those who want to enjoy their Space Adventure with Friends and Aqcuaintances.

There are also Seattle Summer Festivals PROMOTIONAL's which are a source of funding....the most likely source, short-term !